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Free apk download for android: games and apps / Обзоры компьютерных игр или во что поиграть / Компьютерные игры: во что поиграть на PC

Free apk download for android: games and apps

If you want to download games on a tablet or phone free of charge, you appeared in the correct place! Our collection totals hundred Android of appendices of various genres: races, fights, arcades and great number of others. Our catalog constantly replenishes, we try to add daily new masterpieces the game Android of the industry. On a site the convenient system of selection of appendices is realized.

Free apk download for android

Free apk download for android: simply choose the model of the mobile phone or specify your version of Android OS and the system will pick up for you the most suitable files. Now Google Play isn't necessary to you to download games on the Android a tablet! On our resource full, completely working and safe apk files are presented. Use possibilities of your Android of the device on the full!

Adventures, RPG.

Role-playing game in the single mode, connected with pumping of the character – increase of level and development of the certain features inherent in the chosen class. Characteristics of this genre, creation of the character and further pumping, with a definite purpose is. The purpose directly connected with your manner of game. Characters perfectly will be suitable for fans of contact fight – the Soldier and the Paladin dressed in a heavy armor, and with ease transferring blows of the opponent. If to you to liking fight at distance, suit – the Magician or the Sorcerer. Owning magic, they are doomed in near fight, however with ease strike the opponent at distance with the spells. Also the majority of similar games, characterizes existence of the open world about lack of a rigid binding to the subject line. As an example, it is possible to give the game Aralon: Sword and Shadow for Android.

Quests, MMORPG.

All aforesaid, fully belongs and to this genre, behind one difference – action of game happens in online — a mode, to other players from all over the world. Same pumping and increase of characteristics. However, in online to game there is a communication between players. In many games there is an opportunity to create guilds – community of players with similar interests. There are vaults, to pass which it is possible only group, and production from Bosses of these vaults, is very valuable. Also in games of this direction, the PVP mode, that is duels between players is pronounced. It is possible to fight on various arenas, in a clean floor, or groups. Many are attracted by this aspect of game. This genre causes serious accustoming. If it doesn't frighten you, prepare by the sleepless nights spent behind next «tray» the unapproachable Boss. The good representative of this genre, Order & Chaos Online for Android is.

Shooters and actions.

About this direction of games there is nothing to write – the name speaks for itself. We run forward, and we kill everything that differs from your character. Such games usually use beautiful 3D – to graphics. Also, in such games, usually mad number of the weapon and the equipment created with one purpose – that murder of the following enemy took place as it is possible more effectively and quicker. Sometimes there are inclinations of a plot and pumping of characters. It is necessary to add that the graphics in games of such class, huge rates comes nearer to level of the console. If in RPG – games, the graphics limps, all capacities of «iron» go on processing of interactions with world around, in shooters – everything is given to graphics and special effects. Games of this genre dynamic and colourful. It is enough to play in ShadowGun for Android, and to understand that from itself represent games of this genre.
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Индустрия, связанная с таким словосочетанием как компьютерные игры очень велика и включает в себя не только PC игры, но и онлайн игры, которые в свою очередь тоже делятся на несколько классов. Есть браузерные игры, есть клиентские игры. Но основная их общая черта, все они являются компьютерными играми. На компьютере игры все равно разнообразнее и ярче, чем на приставке. На нашем сайте вы всегда сможете выбрать самые достойные компьютерные игры. Мы делаем обзоры игр, решаем проблемы с компьютерными играми и помогаем людям с любыми вопросами, которые касаются игр для ПК. Самое главное, что модераторы и администрация ресурса помогут Вам очень быстро с вашим вопросом относительно игр или прохождения. Компьютерные игры - это наша страсть. PC игры не оставят Вас равнодушными, всегда найдется игра в которую Вам захочется погрузится не на один час. Самыми популярными компьютерными играми являются - RPG и Action. Самые известные представитель данных игровых жанров - Diablo и Counter Strike. Эти две игры знает каждый школьник, некоторые проводят в них по несколько часов в день, для других эти игры - профессия и неплохой заработок.